Danish Rehman

Los Angeles, CA - USA
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Currently looking for Summer Internship 2014

I am graduate student of Viterbi School of Engineering, USC - Los Angeles in Computer Science. My area of interest is problem solving and optimization in the field of computer networks and data analytics. I love challenging work and is an active participant of Hackathons. I am very passionate about programming and wants to build application which solve daily problems and make me feel like Enginner. Some of my work is posted on my github account.

What am i doing currently

I am enrolled as a graduate student at Viterbi School Of Engineering, USC

--- Operating Systems CS402 under Professor Bill Cheng. --- Probability For Engineers EE503 under Professor Konstantinos Psounis. --- Algorithms CS570 under Professor Michael Schindler. --- Artificial Intelligence CS561 under Professor Sheela Taheda. --- Computer Networks EE450 under Professor Ali Zahid.

What am i doing when i am not coding

Changing css of my Technical Blog. Writing to Food Blog. Changing my gravatar at GitHub. Beautifying my HTML5 portfolio. Repeated reading of The Trial by Franz Kafka. Logging mandarin words.

Lines of Code

Co-Founder of MotherUSC @motherusc.com

Technology: Python, Redis, C, MySQL, Memcached

Search Engine for USC facebook groups. Amazingly fast and hacky search engine for USC students.Currently live and used by USC students. Top 2 in HackSC ( USC Hackathon ) for the given application. Funded by Innovation Institute, USC.

Implemeneted Weenix Processes and Threads

Technology: C, Kernel

Threads, processes, scheduler and synchronization primitives (mutex). Developed functions to create and kill threads and processes, switching scheduler among others.

Implemeneted Virtual File System

Technology: C, Kernel

VFS provides a common interface between the operating system kernel and the various file systems. Developed functions for implementing the pathname to vnode conversion, file opening/reading and VFS system calls.

Detection and Prevention of Dos and DDos Attack

Technology: C, Apache, DOS, DDOS

Developed a pluggable module for apache web server to detect and prevent Dos and DDos attack based on blacklisting of IP algorithm.

Memcache expiry time algorithm

Technology: Python, Redis, Memcached

Calculation of expiry time of data set in memcache using an adaptive algorithm (In the process of filling patent over it)

Created an adaptive algorithm which calculates expiry time of each data based on its certain parameters. The alorithm was effective in increasing the hit percentage from 33 to 55 of a live travel website where nature of data is very non-uniform.

Wiki - timeline git@dan-boa/wiki-timeline

Technology: Python, Wikipedia, Redis

Transforming a wikipedia content of a personality into a location - timeline based data series.

Location and time based mapping of personalities helps in determining following things. A location at a certain period in history was inhabited by which world renowned person. A period of stay of person at a particular location. Who has been the most nomadic world renowned personality. Who has been to a very few places. Who has been visiting the same place again and again throughout his life.

Prophetic-mongo git@dan-boa/prophetic-mongo

Technology: MongoDB, Python

Critical logs monitoring system based on mongoDb.

A critical log monitoring tool which reads live data from mongodb. Given the architecture of log dumping is such that it is logged in to a collection. The reading file operates on the log based on a heirarchy and convention set for logging. Generate periodic summary as well as real time alert signals which can be converted to emailer or web pages.

CacheMonitor git@dan-boa/CacheMonitor

Technology: Python-curses, Memcached

Lightweight memcache monitoring tool written on python curses.

Memcache monitoring tool written on python-curses. Providing proper format and refresh rate for all the stats commands which can be run on memcache. Also provide slab wise analysis.

Rest of my work is available at github


Curriculum vitae

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